Dear  BIODUR®  customers,


Due to European legislation several substances of very high concern (SVHC)

are no longer available on the free market.


Affected by this development are raw materials for the products

BIODUR® E 12, BIODUR® E 13 and BIODUR® AE 10.


In response to this new situation BIODUR® Products has carried out tests in the recent months

with the aim to provide our customers with reliable epoxy resin systems for sheet plastination and

histological applications.


This letter is to inform you about the results and changes in our product range.



BIODUR® E 12 remains as a sales product. Its physical and chemical properties are widely equal those of the known E 12 which have been proven for decades. The mixing ratios for each of the application relevant hardeners (BIODUR® E 1, BIODUR® E 6 and BIODUR® E 7) remain unchanged. The newly developed E 12 shows no cmr* health hazards. All of the above also apply to the special resin BIODUR® E 13.


*  carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction.



BIODUR® AE 10 will no longer be available. Instead, we are introducing our new product, BIODUR® AE 20, which will be added to E 12 as plasticiser, depending on the application. Besides the reduced health hazard characteristics, the added benefit is that AE 20 is not classified as a dangerous good, according to the current regulations for road, sea and air transportation.



BIODUR® Products remains committed to offer you the best possible solutions. Therefore, we continue developing alternative plasticisers, which are increasingly better suited for specific applications. We will continue to inform you with results as we complete testing and add new products.

Recommended mixing ratios**


Sheet plastination

(sandwich/drain method)



Sheet plastination

(flat chamber method), cast and impregnation resin




Histological applications



Transparent slices for histological purposes




Ground sections





Transparent body slices

(formulation with long processing time)



** All amounts in parts by weight, unless otherwise indicated.

BIODUR® E 12        100

BIODUR® AE 20        20

BIODUR® E 1            28


BIODUR® E 12          95

BIODUR® AE 20        20

BIODUR® AE 30          5

BIODUR® E 1            26


BIODUR® E 12        100

BIODUR® E 1            28


BIODUR® E 12        100

BIODUR® E 6            50

BIODUR® E 600          0,5 ml


BIODUR® E 12        100

BIODUR® AE 20    0–10

BIODUR® E 7            70

BIODUR® E 700          0,2 vol-%


BIODUR® E 13        100

BIODUR® E 8            58







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